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We believe that an Enterprise has to be managed as a human subsystem. We take a holistic view of an enterprise and suggest and implement customised solutions in different areas of enterprise management. Here is how we see an Enterprise

A Business is a 'Living Organism'
Each subsystem in interaction with others, impacts Business Prosperity/Survival
People provide 'the Brains'
Physical Assets, 'the body'
Finances, 'the muscle'
Business Process Engineering, 'the Circuitry'
'Connective Systems' determine 'Synergy'
Malfunction at any touch point causes sparking/leakages
Business Risk is inherent in all interaction,within or without

We provide specific strategic solutions in 5 principal areas of enterprise management

Drawing up business strategy and strategic planning
Business Risk Management
Business Process Engineering
Financial Management, Balancesheet structuring and Fund raising
Leadership and Executive Development

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